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Woodland Fantasy

September 26, 2013 , , admin
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Through the trees a whisper of smoke, a swirl of black velvet, a glimmer of blonde hair then in the blink of an eye… she is gone…

After gathering a fantastic creative team together we embarked on a journey into the forest to capture some engaging images, battle the elements and have some fun. Being able to test and explore creative ideas is half the fun of photography for me and working with a great team is imperative. Thanks to everyone who gave up their time and pushed their boundaries to help me create some exciting and evocative fashion photos.

The idea of using coloured smoke on a fashion shoot came to me after wanting to try something different and challenging. The smoke flares only lasted 60 seconds each and we only had one orange flare and one white flare so we had a really small window of opportunity to get the shots. Luckily the whole team made it happen and we achieved some amazing results.

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