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Studio Make up Course

January 13, 2016 ,

It was good to start the new year with a beauty and make up course in the studio. The students learn 3 looks, retro, natural/bridal and editorial which I photographed against three different backgrounds with three different lighting techniques to hi-light the different make up used.


The first look I photographed against a black background with a beauty dish reflector as the lead light and a back light to hi-light the hair from behind and give a nice glamorous feel. Most of the shots are head shots to accentuate the make up.


The 2nd look we wanted to keep fresh and natural so we used a few floral accessories but had no clothes to distract from the models’ natural beauty. I used a large soft box to shoot against as I wanted a nice clean back light with some light spilling through and a beauty dish as the lead light. I also surrounded the models with white reflectors so they were almost sat inside white boxes.


The last look was more dramatic and more editorial. I wanted to hi-light the models’ features in a stronger way rather than the softness from the previous shoot. I used a Bowens daylight on the background to give a bit more texture to the mid grey background and then used a large soft box to light the model.

It was great to get back into the studio after the Xmas and New Year break and I’m looking forward to some creative test shoots in the coming months.

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