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Studio Beauty Photo Shoot

June 29, 2017 , , admin

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the talented make up students who had completed their Make up Manchester Make Up Course at Red Door Studios Manchester. There were two students each with a model and they both created three looks on each of their model. The first look was a classic retro style, the 2nd  a natural wedding make up style and the 3rd a more edgy, editorial style.

For the first look I photographed the models against a white wall using a ring flash. This created a gorgeous hi light in the eyes and a soft glowy light on the model’s skin.2017-06-29_0001

The second look was created using natural daylight from the studio windows and a Bowens daylight to fill in. I love using natural daylight as much as possible in my photography, especially when the make up is fresh and natural with a bridal feel. We used flowers and a wicker chair to add interest and depth of field to the photographs.


The last beauty look was heavier with the make up and a more edgy feel. I decided to photograph this look against a peach background using flash lighting to accentuate certain details like the glossy eye lids. I also used a wind machine to create texture with the hair and create more interest.






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