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Skill Swapping

February 27, 2020 , , bav

Double downward dog pose at Hot Lotus, Stockport, Kellianne Photographer

I think a great way to work with other businesses is to swap skills or services. As a self employed female photographer I don’t have endless resources to work with and sometimes my time is something I can give freely. I am based in Manchester and I have found some other small businesses who feel the same way as me. I swap my photography for things that otherwise I may not be able to afford, treats and specifically things to help my well being. The wonderful business who swap services with me are hot yoga at Hot Lotus, Massage treatments at Irie_massage and hairdressing from my gorgeous hair stylist Clairine Potter. Our time is the most precious commodity we have so finding someone who wants to swap their services with you is always fantastic. I love working with the women I swap skills with and have developed amazing friendships and relationships with them all. Of course getting paid for my work is how I make a living and swapping skills won’t pay the bills but if there are situations where two small businesses can help each other out then I am all for it! All you need to do is have a similar value for your service and make sure you set out the time spent before committing to any work carried out.

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