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Same Sex in the City

June 5, 2015 , , admin

I recently had the privilege of photographing Richard and Anles’s special day. They got married at the Manchester registry office with a reception in Castlefield. It really was a fantastic city wedding using the backdrops of the Northern Quarter, the Town Hall and the canals of Castlefield. The love between this happy couple was clear in every photograph. They had so much fun throughout the day and were a real pleasure to take pictures of.

richard and anles-1 richard and anles-12 richard and anles-27richard and anles-29richard and anles-39richard and anles-42richard and anles-47richard and anles-55richard and anles-58richard and anles-59richard and anles-65richard and anles-67richard and anles-73richard and anles-80richard and anles-87richard and anles-97richard and anles-112richard and anles-108richard and anles-171richard and anles-172richard and anles-176richard and anles-177richard and anles-179richard and anles-119richard and anles-134richard and anles-165

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