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Pudsey the Bear Sky Diving Photo Shoot

June 24, 2016 , , admin

In the run up to Children in Need I have been photographing Pudsey the Bear in various situations and locations. One of the most fun ones was a recent trip to AirKix in Trafford Manchester. Pudsey was showing everyone that you can face your fears and help raise money for an amazing cause by doing something that you’re scared of. After a bit of a nervous start and a practise on a bench he was ready to go and had a great time as he took his flight. It was a new experience as I was photographing Pudsey in a wind tunnel stood in a doorway that if I stood just one or two inches too far forward I could have got sucked into the column of air which would have whisked me and my equipment straight up into the huge tunnel. Luckily there were staff members on hand to make sure I didn’t cross over the line. It was a great experience and I have really enjoyed photographing Pudsey the bear during his many crazy escapades.2016-06-16_0004



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