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Olaplex at Salon International

October 31, 2015 , , admin

I recently travelled down to London to photograph at the Salon International hairdressing event for Olaplex UK. It was a pleasure to work with such amazing people and also to have the pleasure of using a product that is so revolutionary. The amazing Guy Tang travelled over from America to share some incredible hair ideas and techniques and I, as well as photographing the event ended up being a model and having my hair dyed mermaid blue and green. What an experience! Out of all the stands at Salon International the Olaplex stand had the most buzz about it with hairdressers queuing up to get photos taken with Guy Tang and to see his beautiful colouring techniques. It was the craziest event photography I had ever done as I had to walk on stage as a model and then run and grab my camera to photograph the other models in the show. It also meant that I got to be back stage with the models the whole time so it was so interesting to see the show from the other side. I think I will happily stay behind the camera from now on though!! For more photos please take a look at Olaplex At Salon International

2015-10-15_0001 2015-10-15_0003 2015-10-27_0001

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