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My first outing into Food Photography

February 28, 2019 , , bav

I was recently approached to do some photography for a well known food delivery company and to check that I was up to the job I had to do a food photography trial. It was specified that I should get some food from a local take away and plate it, then photograph it but the time frame I had to do it in (while I was kid free) meant that no take aways were open so I decided to make the food myself. Then I realised I wasn’t the best at making food that looked good so I phoned my dear friend Richard (a massive foodie) in a blind panic for some help. After a rushed trip to the Chinese supermarket and raiding both of our cupboards we put a menu together. Luckily Richard had some beautiful crockery to make the dishes look their best. As specified in the brief I needed to use natural light where possible, luckily it was a beautiful sunny day – so after rearranging some furniture in my kitchen/diner we had the perfect set up on my wooden dining table. I used my 105mm lens for all the individual shots and my 50mm for the ‘Hero shot’ (a picture of all the best dishes put together) and a tripod (I very rarely use tripods). We made a great team with Richard cooking away and making these beautifully presented dishes and me tweaking them and positioning them just so on the kitchen table. My first ‘real’ job wasn’t quite as calm and harmonious but will explain about that another day.

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