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Festival Fever

September 26, 2013 , , admin
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With a beautiful summer finally making an appearance I decided to head out to the beach for a creative fashion shoot.

The make up artist, Nealey Leah and I came up with the concept together and decided to style the shoot ourselves which involved a mad dash around Manchester city centre on the day of the shoot.

As it was such a hot day and the sun was so strong I wanted to wait until later on in the day before we packed up the car and headed off to the beach. With my assistant Alex, Nealey’s assistant Steph, 2 models, equipment and clothes we packed up 2 cars and set off in convoy. Luckily we could park on the beach so we didn’t have to carry our equipment and wardrobe too far.

After a quick explore in the sand dunes I found some great locations to shoot and got started. When we started shooting the sun was still pretty bright so I used mainly shade and then as the sun got lower I utilized the sun to create and hazy 70’s vibe.

After shooting a couple of outfits we decided to shoot the last look at the water. Little did we know that it would take around 30 minutes to walk there, it was a complete optical illusion and seems to get further away the more we walked. We eventually reached the shore and I shot the last outfit there just as the sun was setting.

I love the different lighting in this shoot, from the warm, hazy shots to the cooler moodier shots and I loved shooting Chloe. Her red hair and skin tone really worked well with the different lighting, styling and make up.

We loved the red colour swimsuit on Anna and it showed off her fantastic figure to perfection in the sand dunes.

All in all it was a fantastic shoot and a great team, with everyone happy to muck in and get their feet wet if needed!

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