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Black and white street fashion

January 2, 2016 ,

Sometimes getting out of the studio and photographing fashion in the streets of Manchester is a great way to get inspired. The Northern Quarter of Manchester is a cool, creative place with so many hidden spaces and alleyways that look great with certain photo shoots. Some of the photos on here have been taken on rooftops over looking the city while others have been in dingy, dark back streets. Sometimes graffiti adds to the style of the shot while other times interesting architecture provides the perfect backdrop. While fashion photography often works well in colour I like the style in black and white. It gives a feel that it could be photographed anywhere and not necessarily on the streets of Manchester. A lot of these photographs were shot using mainly natural light and reflectors.2016-01-02_0001 2016-01-02_0002 2016-01-02_0003

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