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Best in Town TV Show

April 1, 2016 , , admin

A couple of years ago I was approached to take part in a TV programme called Best in Town about finding the best photographer in Manchester. They found 3 photographers in the Manchester area and pitted them against each other over three challenges. I thought I would give it a go and see what happened. It ended up being a lot of fun. The first challenge was for each photographer to visit the other’s studio and to take a portrait of each other then rate each other on the photography and the studio by scoring out of 10. The 2nd challenge was to be visited by a mystery client who wanted a photo shoot. I was visited by a lady looking for a pr shoot for her business – in fact she was Desi Fontaine, a well known and respected photographer in the industry. She came to Red Door Studios, my Northern Quarter photography studio in Manchester and had her photo shoot while secretly filming everything I did. There was also a couple who came into the studio looking for an engagement shoot – in fact they were both also photographers. Desi reviewed the footage and the final photographs then scored the 3 of us out of 10, adding this this score to our first scores. The final challenge was called the Big Test. We were told to arrive at a venue in Derbyshire called Tissington Hall with our photography kit. Once there we found out that our challenge was to take a portrait of the Lord and Lady of the manor along with their 6 dogs while including some of their heritage in the photo. Taking a photo of one dog is hard enough. Trying to control 6 of them was a nightmare. It ended up being a great day though and at the end of the day the Lord and Lady chose their favourite photo to have framed and hung up on their wall along with all the historical portraits dating back to the 15th century. They chose my photo which was a great accolade. After a trip to London to add up the scores I found out that I won. It was a great feeling to have the other two photographers – both older male photographers who had been in the industry for much longer than I had, having to turn around and say that I was the Best Photographer in town. Here are a few photos from the challenges as well as the portrait that was taken of me from one of the other photographers. 2016-04-01_0001



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