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A serious hike up Rivington Pike

February 27, 2020 , , bav

I love creative test shoots. They are such a fun way to spend time behind the camera without any pressure, just a time to play around and create some beautiful images. I found Harrison and Aquiel at Maverick Models and organised transportation to the location with them. I wanted the photo shoot to be completely stripped back (plus we organised it really last minute) so we didn’t have a make up artist or stylist. It was just me and the models. The day we had chosen was a beautiful, crisp Winter’s day. I absolutely adore winter sunlight. It sits low in the sky and creates such beautiful tones and colours on the skin. It is golden sunlight rather than the harsh summer sun and given a choice I would always shoot on a clear, bright Winter’s day. This obviously brings with it a few other challenges… The cold being one of them. The models were absolute troopers. I picked Harrison up from the train station in Bolton and took Aquiel in the car from Manchester with me and they both changed into their outfits in the car park. I kept things simple with just one battery powered continuous light to fill in some light as really I wanted to make as much use as possible of the natural, golden, Winter sunlight streaming through the trees. We started off on a hike uphill which got the heart pumping and then as we walked I just saw so many beautiful places to shoot the couple. I wanted them to have a feel of a real couple and the way they interacted together was so natural and easy from the get go. They did absolutely everything I asked, from sitting on the cold ground to wading through the mud and Harrison swinging Aquiel around. After exploring Rivington Pike and finding so many amazing places to shoot I could have photographed them both all day, however after a couple of hours both models had lost all feeling in their feet and we decided to call it a day. I was so pleased with the results and loved having a day out combining my favourite things… Hiking in the countryside and photographing beautiful people on the inside and out.

Couple walking and laughing close up at Rivington Pike

Couple close up Rivington Pike

Couple sat on steps at Rivington Pike

Close up couple profile at Rivington Pike

Couple with sunlight in black and white at Rivington Pike

Couple by lake in Rivington Pike

couple standing on wall in the countryside

Guy carrying girl laughing Rivington Pike

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